Straits’ Offerings

diverse devices

For more than a decade, Straits has and continues to contract manufacture the following main products for our customers at a component level, non-sterile packaged level, sterile packaged level, and Gamma sterilized, as the case may be:
  1. Nails
  2. Knee components for implant
  3. Prep kit and cement products
  4. Sutures
  5. Pins and wires
  6. Plates
  7. Bone screws
  8. External fixation devices
  9. Complex instruments for hips, knees and nails including cutting blocks and broaches
  10. Knee instruments in a set
  11. Nail instruments in a set including target guides
  12. Spine instruments
In 2016, Straits will be offering hip and spine instruments in a set.