machining to sterile packaging

Straits has for more than a decade served legal manufacturers of orthopaedics devices from the Mature Markets and the Emerging Markets without any product recall with these capabilities:
  1. Machining, including 5 axis milling, 10 axis Swiss turning, 6 axis cylindrical grinding, 4 axis wire EDM and 3 axis spark EDM;
  2. Welding (TIG and Laser);
  3. Surface treatment, including heat treat, electropolishing, titanium color anodizing, biocompatible low friction hard chroming and passivation;
  4. Labeling, including laser marking;
  5. Non Sterile and Sterile packaging and sterilization;
  6. Dock to stock;
  7. Production and kitting of instruments in a set and delivering to customer locations worldwide;
  8. Inspection (Dimensional, hardness, surface finish, functional and positioning)